Contract Manufacturing

Our production lines are formed by advanced state of the art automatic machines, in order to create high quality wet wipes. We offer complete services for all your contract needs: a wide a variety of formats and technical assistance to create high quality wet wipes.

We have experience in contract manufacturing in various sectors: Retail, FMCG and Pharmaceutical and we comply with the Cosmetic and Biocide Regulations.We are always beside you to guide you!

Wet Wipes


We offer comprehensive wet wipes solution for wet wipe wholesalers and distributors. We offer wet wipes solution which includes research and development, customized formulation and packaging. We do not only provide the private labeled wet wipes with our professional technology in this field and also we can check your own products so that we can offer a better solution for your products to improve it. The types of wet wipes which we provide at Gracia Group private labeling services includes baby wipes, adult wipes, cosmetic wipes, household wipes & pocket wipes.