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The wet-wipes market has a growing trend and the motor of growth are definitely the Private Label wet wipes. About 60% of our production is Private Label and our main customers are companies in: Retail, FMCG, Cosmetic Industry, and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Private Label wet wipes offer includes Baby Wipes, Adult Wipes, Pocket Wipes, Cosmetic Wipes, and Household Wipes.

Baby wipes have always, and still do, dominate the personal care space. Gracia Group upped its game in the baby care space when it launched its three new brands last year. At Gracia Group we added three newly introduced baby wipes to the line with fresh seasonal scents including Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Puff Baby, Baby Green, Rose and Chamomile.

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We offer wet wipes solution which includes research and development, customized formulation and packaging. We do not only provide the private labeled wet wipes with our professional technology in this field and also we can check your own products so that we can offer a better solution for your products to improve it. The types of wet wipes which we provide at Gracia Group private labeling services includes baby wipes, adult wipes, cosmetic wipes, household wipes & pocket wipes.


A wide range of packaging options from 15 pieces per pack to 120 pieces per pack that can be customized by our customers with their own design and label.


A broad variety of formulas for different types of wet wipes. These formulas have been developed by experts and are used by many companies.


We have an external graphics department that can work with you to create a professional packing design and branding solution for your products.